Friday, March 28, 2014

Caffeine is a Helluva Drug

A  few months ago, a friend who had recently made a great weight loss and over all health transformation shared with me that she had been using T.E.N. spray vitamins as a health supplement for months and urged me to try them for myself, specifically a product called Super T.E.N. that might help with my energy.
 I had been feeling crappy, so even though I was skeptical, I tried it, and...
Ok, so when I say it works, I mean it, this spray really works! It's like a multi-vitamin and a power smoothie all in one, all plant based, safe for diabetics, safe to take more than once a day!After my first spray; I felt energized, I felt my mind get clearer and I was able to accomplish more throughout my day, kind of like how coffee used to make me feel, but without the crash. And I know I sound like an infomercial right now LOL! It's just that the results have been so amazing,  I have been spraying Super T.E.N. for a month now and I haven't had coffee for two weeks!!!.  I've had the energy to exercise regularly and I've been an all around more pleasant, more productive person! Which is good for my music! And my loved ones! And my road rage!

I'm sharing this with you because Super T.E.N. has helped me and I wouldn't have known about it if someone hadn't shared it with me, so you can say I'm paying it forward, BOOM!!!!
You can purchase Super T.E.N., and other Spray Vitamin Supplements at www.atlantaten.com
This year I'm all about Getting Better, Growing to my Best Self and helping others do the same. Physical, Spiritual and Mental Health are the key, the unavoidable foundation of my and your potential greatness, so I'm starting with that above all things and first and foremost, etc blah blah blah LOL!!!

I Love You All!!

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