Friday, March 28, 2014

Caffeine is a Helluva Drug

A  few months ago, a friend who had recently made a great weight loss and over all health transformation shared with me that she had been using T.E.N. spray vitamins as a health supplement for months and urged me to try them for myself, specifically a product called Super T.E.N. that might help with my energy.
 I had been feeling crappy, so even though I was skeptical, I tried it, and...
Ok, so when I say it works, I mean it, this spray really works! It's like a multi-vitamin and a power smoothie all in one, all plant based, safe for diabetics, safe to take more than once a day!After my first spray; I felt energized, I felt my mind get clearer and I was able to accomplish more throughout my day, kind of like how coffee used to make me feel, but without the crash. And I know I sound like an infomercial right now LOL! It's just that the results have been so amazing,  I have been spraying Super T.E.N. for a month now and I haven't had coffee for two weeks!!!.  I've had the energy to exercise regularly and I've been an all around more pleasant, more productive person! Which is good for my music! And my loved ones! And my road rage!

I'm sharing this with you because Super T.E.N. has helped me and I wouldn't have known about it if someone hadn't shared it with me, so you can say I'm paying it forward, BOOM!!!!
You can purchase Super T.E.N., and other Spray Vitamin Supplements at www.atlantaten.com
This year I'm all about Getting Better, Growing to my Best Self and helping others do the same. Physical, Spiritual and Mental Health are the key, the unavoidable foundation of my and your potential greatness, so I'm starting with that above all things and first and foremost, etc blah blah blah LOL!!!

I Love You All!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

I'll Be Your Mirror, Reflect What You Are

I'm in Love.

Yes! In spite of all the tragic statistics and sad mantras we've started repeating to ourselves ("We" being Black/ African - American Women), I am in love. With a man. A black one. Not that race matters and blah blah blah, but yeah, he black, jes like me!

And WE are, in Love.

We are both Scorpios, so a lot of things are intuitive; we know how to treat each other and, (according to my friends, what do they know though? LOL) I have never been as generous, as beautiful, as at peace as I am now.

He is truly my other half, my reflection like that Velvet Underground song.

It's that "Oh, what a feeeeee-liiiin', when you're dancin' on the ceiling"/"Girl, I think my butt gettin' big" kind of love.

We so blessed.

 *insert sigh and far away look, anchored by silly half grin*

So Blessed :-)

We drivin' each other crazy though!

I never realized how bat shit crazy I could be before, not until  I saw it in him,  I mean really, Got-damn!!

LOL :-)

Anyway, this new status and the experiences that have come from it, as well as the Cosmic Shift in consciousness, and rapidly approaching complete downfall of all that we humans have considered civillized, means one thing, for me:

New Music!!!

Stay tuned.


I love you!!

The Goddess, Salakida

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ahhhhh, Luv 2 Luv ya Bay-bayyyyyy

It's beginning to look a lot like "kill-yourself-quick-if-you-ain't-got-nobody-day" aka Valentines Day! Can't wait LOL!

I'm just playin, but for singles this can be a rough time of year man! I don't know why so much emphasis is put on romantic love vs the love you feel for your family, friends, pets etc. Don't get me wrong, I love being in love, or "In Bloom" as I like to call it; every guy I've dated has inspired my music in some way, added something to my personal style, made me more beautiful I think!
I receive love everyday that matches or surpasses anything I've ever felt from one of my romantic Soul Mates. I feel love when I wake up in the morning, through the blessing of a new day. When they remember my drink at Starbucks. When my Mom randomly calls me at just the right moment, and talks me off the ledge of spazzdom. When my friends who work 9 to 5 jobs loan me money because they believe in this music-entrepreneur thing I'm doing. When the cat brings a dead mouse to the doorstep to let me know she's holding it down 'round the perimeter of the house. That's LOVE baby.

With that in mind, I wish you Happy Love Day, today, and everyday, YOU ARE LOVED, GIVE THANKS!
Whatever you do, Go All The WAY, *hint, click to play*

P.S. Check out Episode #72 of Fiona Bloom's 'Efficacy" ft Salakida here!!!
Salakida's albums are available at www.cdbaby.com/salakida and www.music.salakida.com

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just When I Thought, I had Been Forgotten...

Greetings ALL!!! I don't know what it is, but this year, I appreciated the new light of Spring so much more than in years gone by! I mean, I have been twirling, and posing with my shadow against buildings, and tossing my hair and wearing short dresses, I am IN BLOOM *wink*! Maybe it's relief from a winter that seemed like it would never end, both literally (it was hella cold in the A this year) and spiritually (betrayed by a friend, lost focus, I was broke, wah wah wah). Maybe it was getting new brakes put on my car so I could start driving the speed limit again. Maybe it was that special call from that special friend with that timely message at that right on time moment that brought out my inner sunshine again. Yeah, I think it was definitely all of those things and none of them actually. I think I'm just READY. We can create some interesting shapes in the shadows, but humanity's true hue is Golden, and I am ready to take my place in God's Aura!...


Ok, well, maybe I was trying to be over deep, but I was trying to illustrate "the point", which is I'm Ready to do the Damn Thang!!! In that spirit, I am proud to say, fa sho' fa serious this time, my new-old baby, "The Resurrection" is finally out the oven! YES! *shout, leap, jazz hands*

It's here. It bumps. It soars. It Rocks! It's everything I hoped for and nothing I could have predicted. It's beautiful. And I want to share it, with you, all of it, with ALL of YOU!!!!

The Album Release date is 7-6-10! Once again, JULY 7, 2010!!!

*sorry for shouting*

Anyway, I have a gift for you! As a token of my sincere appreciation to my ride or die fans, and a welcome gift to those just now joining the Flowers Movement (that's what we callin this thang now, roll with me) I have a free download for ya! No more waiting, go ahead...

Click Ze Link

What else...


On Tuesday, May 25, 2010, I will be posting a link to the OFFICIAL FIRST SINGLE from "The Resurrection" * drum roll please*


As always, I Love You ALL, we're in this world together and there's no place I'd rather be than with you, ya'll are the cool people! We're in the countdown phase now, *I need to get one of those counter thingys, hmm* Over the next few weeks I'll be posting new pictures, album art and behind the scenes footage and interviews with some of the people I worked with on the album which is always fun(ny) lol! Enjoy and stay tuned!

p.s. don't forget to check out http://www.salakida.com/ . You can still buy my first album "Salakida" there if you don't have it already :-)