Friday, July 19, 2013

I'll Be Your Mirror, Reflect What You Are

I'm in Love.

Yes! In spite of all the tragic statistics and sad mantras we've started repeating to ourselves ("We" being Black/ African - American Women), I am in love. With a man. A black one. Not that race matters and blah blah blah, but yeah, he black, jes like me!

And WE are, in Love.

We are both Scorpios, so a lot of things are intuitive; we know how to treat each other and, (according to my friends, what do they know though? LOL) I have never been as generous, as beautiful, as at peace as I am now.

He is truly my other half, my reflection like that Velvet Underground song.

It's that "Oh, what a feeeeee-liiiin', when you're dancin' on the ceiling"/"Girl, I think my butt gettin' big" kind of love.

We so blessed.

 *insert sigh and far away look, anchored by silly half grin*

So Blessed :-)

We drivin' each other crazy though!

I never realized how bat shit crazy I could be before, not until  I saw it in him,  I mean really, Got-damn!!

LOL :-)

Anyway, this new status and the experiences that have come from it, as well as the Cosmic Shift in consciousness, and rapidly approaching complete downfall of all that we humans have considered civillized, means one thing, for me:

New Music!!!

Stay tuned.


I love you!!

The Goddess, Salakida

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